Collaborative Writing Steps and Strategies in the Business World

Steps to Successful Collaborative Writing

  1. Those involved in the writing process should understand each other. Every participant should establish decent relationships with other members;
  2. There should be equality in the group. No one should consider him/herself more important than others;
  3. It is necessary to identify a group leader who will coordinate the activities of the group;
  4. The team leader should organize preliminary meetings before the discussion;
  5. Group members should agree on the overall organization and meeting venues;
  6. The team leader allocates the members with different responsibilities. The leader should consider such aspects as individual abilities and talents;
  7. It is imperative to establish the preliminary duration of each meeting;
  8. There should always be a strict follow-up of the timetable;
  9. Each member has a right to get clear feedback;
  10. Each participant ought to listen to other members’ views carefully.

Collaborative Writing Strategies

Parallel Writing

Reactive Writing

The Use of Single Author Writing

Mixed Mode Strategy




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