Currency of Quality, or How Your Budget Doesn’t Matter to Backlinks

Currency of Quality, or How Your Budget Doesn’t Matter to Backlinks

Maintaining a business entails some expenses. An important factor that moves your business upwards is your connections with other businesses in your niche. In the world of digital content, these connections most often come in the form of backlinks. How can you fully access the backlinking power even when you are on a low budget? Let’s find out.

Content Quality Above All

To make your website eligible for getting decent backlinks, you actually don’t need anything more than its content. The only condition, of course, is that the content has to be good. It doesn’t necessarily need to be better than content on other websites in the niche, it must simply be composed of a combination of valuable information with a voice distinctive for your business’s personality (yes, it has one).

The more value and use your content provides, the more trustworthy it will be for Google

Google ranks websites according to the value they have. If you look good, it puts you in upper positions, and this in itself will attract other business owners and bloggers who will want to get into a backlinking relationship with you, because you’re so awesome.


Aside from filling your website with qualitative content, there are substantial advantages in adjusting its format.

This includes:

  • an engaging interface
  • interesting features
  • infographics and videos

All of the above are easy as pie to make even on a zero budget. You should also consider analyzing your website’s weak spots and strengthening them. There are also great benefits in enhancing navigation around your site to make sure it’s quite easy for those who take interest in your content to find even more cool articles of yours to backlink to.

Value Exchange

When you have built a decent website, you’re ready to go out and offer the value of your content to other entrepreneurs in the niche who can become your backlink partners.

You shouldn’t waste your time and effort on websites with questionable reliability

It’s not hard to find fellow businessmen, authors, and experts who you admire, along with their websites, which look credible and are appreciated by Google. Connections with suspicious and low-quality websites will only lower your domain rate.

For your backlinking relationships, choose authors and businessmen that you would love to learn from, both in terms of how they handle their content and how they get their own backlinks.

When you are sure you have something good to offer, you can pitch your ideas

These can be plain linking requests, addressed both to your target and to those websites that backlink to and are backlinked by this author. The interconnections among the best businesses in your niche compose a wide range of opportunities for you, as you can become a part of that network and join the top-notch backlinking party.

Here comes the time for submissions and pitches. This can be your offer to write a guest post, to establish a reciprocal backlinking relationship. It can be a press release to let the niche journals and journalists write about your business. It can be a suggestion to substitute outdated or broken links that a site has with your information — new, valuable, and valid.

You can reach out to your influencers via email or social media

A letter you write should show them what kind of benefit there is for them in cooperating with you. To avoid your email from getting lost in a pile of unread incoming messages, you should also make a strong point about your inquiry in the subject line; you can also come up with some sort of a headline if you’re messaging elsewhere. Your purpose must be clear and convincing.

One of the leading tendencies in ensuring the success of your pitch is showing your engagement in the influencer’s activity

It may be the case that the person you’re writing to is someone that you often quote or refer to on your website. It can be someone whose advice you ask for and then include it in a big juicy piece of content, which is quite valuable for their own online image and is hard to say no to when you’re asking to get a backlink from them to that post.

How Much Does Money Matter?

If you do get to spend money on your backlinking, choose only the best backlinking partners: top-quality sites, reliable and trustworthy directories and business listings. Because only these can serve your business well.

Some experts also advise arranging reviews of your product by popular review bloggers and experts. If they talk about your product or service on their website, that’s already a link back to you, the producer or seller of the product.

And last but not the least, don’t forget about the blasting power of social media and professional media platforms, where it’s so easy to build up whole communities that include your niche entrepreneurs, authors, writers that can cover your business story, and simply customers, who are also extremely good at sharing links to contents and products that deserve attention in their opinion.

Having a successful, thriving business is important for you as an entrepreneur, but it’s nothing too serious or dreadful, or so it may seem when you’re starting up or need to undergo budget cuts. There are many ways to get creative with the search of prospective backlinking partners, from setting up Google Alerts or using more advanced tools to simply tuning in the activity of experts in your niche and reaching out to them. There is also great fun in rebooting your site, which does not necessarily require a high-profile designer but can work quite well with a smart use of free resources and a caring approach to your own business and customer, which is the shortest and fastest way to get an abundance of great and trustworthy backlinks.



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