Magazine Article Writing Tips to Follow to Impress Readers

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Qualified freelance writers know how to write a magazine article up to the set quality standards. They produce articles for different kinds of magazines highlighting various topics. Even the most popular magazines are in need of the services of freelance writers to get their publications filled with the required content.

If you desire to publish your article, the first thing you need to do is send a query letter to the magazine editors and try to sell your brilliant ideas. Imagine you are assigned to create an article. What would you do to capture readers’ attention and make your editor order articles from you regularly?

How to Write a Magazine Article

Below, there are helpful prompts on how to write a magazine article properly.

Select the subject which you are good at

You will be able to succeed in creating top-notch articles if you are completely familiar with the chosen topic. Publishers always search for profound articles providing valuable information about the matter in question. In order to pick the right topic, you should create a list of themes which you find engaging and strive to select those which you could sell to some magazines without a hassle.

Highlight the issue from a new perspective

If your article is appealing, it will be easier for you to get it published. Thus, explore the chosen subject and try to determine the aspects which have not been studied yet and can be of keen interest to readers. Additionally, you have to make certain that your topic does not belong to the general ones as publishers do not buy the articles that are of no use to their target audience.

Conduct research

You should do research even if it seems to you that you are fully aware of the topic you are going to create your article on. In this way, you will be able to collect more useful material for your feature and, as a result, impress readers with the result. Browse authoritative sources and interview professionals if needed.

Do interviews

Take a look at your research and ponder over the sub-themes which you could disclose by interviewing experts. Remember that interviews make articles more interesting, and editors always give preference to such articles.

Seeking a Professional

If you want your magazine article to contain an interview from an expert, you should cold-call organizations operating in the required area. You may also address PR agencies to get some advice on where to find specialists competent in your field.

Interviewing a Specialist

In order to conduct an interview successfully, you should prepare a list of questions which you would like to ask. It is worth following your plan when creating questions not to miss any points. Ensure that your list contains such data as name, job position, and location.

Pick the place and time for the interview that is suitable for the interviewee. With the interviewee’s consent, you may record your conversation. Ask open-ended questions. Try not to deviate from your course meaning ask all questions which you intended to.

Produce an outline

The next stage is to prepare an outline by following which you will be able to create the best magazine article. Your outline has to include the points highlighting the concepts you will discuss in your paper. Think about adding images, graphics, etc.

Write your article

There is no specific format which you should apply when writing magazine articles. It is up to you to decide what mode to use. In order to catch readers’ attention, you should use their own language. However, at first, you need to identify your target audience to know how to present data. Mind that the purpose of reading magazines is to not only find out some information but also get amused.

Check out the guidelines of the magazines

Check the demands imposed by the magazine which you want to publish your article in. Each magazine has their own guidelines about how to write a magazine article. Here, it goes about the topics, writing style and tone, etc. It is advised to read the articles published in the magazine which you are going to submit your article to. Thus, you will know exactly what types of features the publishing entity is searching for.

Send your piece of writing

Strive to make a good impression on the managers of the magazine in the course of communication. Make certain your emails are produced appropriately and clearly state your intentions. Remember to respond to the received letters on time.

Arranging a Magazine Article Format

As well as other kinds of articles, a magazine one should include a title, introductory section, body, and a concluding unit.

Organizing your article appropriately will ensure its clarity. Thus, check the following points to understand not only how to write a magazine article but also arrange it:

  • Title (here, you should highlight the topic of your article)
  • Introductory section (it should clearly present the matter under consideration so that readers know what they are going to read about).
  • Body (in this part, you should highlight the details of your subject, i.e. specifics, facets, experts’ viewpoints, statistics, etc.). This section should include a couple of paragraphs only. Mind not to exceed the number of the words allowed as the whole structure may be ruined.
  • Concluding unit (this is the final section of your article where you should provide a brief summary of the entire piece of writing. Here, you are supposed to briefly describe the key ideas.). Try to finish your article effectively to give readers the material to ponder over. Make sure your conclusion is closely connected to the entire article.

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