Magazine Article Writing Tips to Follow to Impress Readers

How to Write a Magazine Article

Select the subject which you are good at

Highlight the issue from a new perspective

Conduct research

Do interviews

Produce an outline

Write your article

Check out the guidelines of the magazines

Send your piece of writing

Arranging a Magazine Article Format

  • Title (here, you should highlight the topic of your article)
  • Introductory section (it should clearly present the matter under consideration so that readers know what they are going to read about).
  • Body (in this part, you should highlight the details of your subject, i.e. specifics, facets, experts’ viewpoints, statistics, etc.). This section should include a couple of paragraphs only. Mind not to exceed the number of the words allowed as the whole structure may be ruined.
  • Concluding unit (this is the final section of your article where you should provide a brief summary of the entire piece of writing. Here, you are supposed to briefly describe the key ideas.). Try to finish your article effectively to give readers the material to ponder over. Make sure your conclusion is closely connected to the entire article.



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Jenna Brandon


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