Monthly Roundup: SEO Trends 2019

Jenna Brandon
5 min readJan 19, 2019
Monthly Roundup: SEO Trends 2019

The SEO industry has always been an important factor for good quality business targeting. Optimizing website’s text to the audience’s needs and wants is vital as it brings in those buyers who are more likely to remain loyal. More specific and targeted SEO services and campaigns mean that your website visitors will not experience any cognitive dissonance, which has been quite common among the mediocre brands in 2018. The list of SEO trends 2019 below will help any business prosper by reaching the target audience effectively. Let’s take a look at some trends for 2019 as proposed by professional industry analysts:

1. Google SEO Trends 2019 — Who’s Talking

The article proposes that website optimization is becoming more important as search engines — especially Google — are becoming more intelligent.

The article provides a very significant insight: websites should be built for people, include quality text, images, markups, and be fast enough to load on mobile. It may be concluded that in 2019, the main SEO trend will be user experience — the faster and the easier the visitor can find the needed information, the more success the brand can expect.

2. 10 Dominating SEO Trends In 2019 And How to Use Them — Think Design

Aamina from Think Design focuses more specifically on 2 main directions in which the search engines are expected to develop in 2019:

  • technology advancement;
  • user behavior.

Building on these 2 main search engine trends, the focus must be on making friends with artificial intelligence and machine learning, and once again, making a website which would be super user-friendly and easy to navigate. Just like the previous author, Aamina Suleman also mentions such important changes as voice recognition, video content, and backlinking, which are to remain relevant in 2019. However, she even goes further to reject the keyword theory because the focus will shift even more towards quality away from text structure.

3. SEO Trends 2019 for Startup Success (Infographic) — Digital Information World

An SEO infographic for search engine startup success proposed by the article at hand dives into such facts that 41% of online searches are done in video and 63% of internet users utilize mobile devices. However, it’s also recognizable that 70% of marketers fail to build a consistent strategy in 2018. Giving value to the audience should be the goal of any digital professional, and this goal should be part of a coherent SEO strategy if one wishes to build an online presence and overrule competitors across search engines in 2019.

4. SEO Trends for 2019, the Future of Search Is Now — SEO Expert

SEO expert Bradley Shaw foresees several trends for 2019. However, besides the already apparent surge in technology and user experience, he also highlights the importance of geo-targeting and proximity. His cocktail for SEO success is simple: a brand must be localized, close to the potential customer, and supported by highly vetted digital marketing experts. The competition will be intense in 2019 so personalization and trust are key.

5. Top SEO Trends and Tips for 2019 — Millionarium

Ludy Yelp is an SEO specialist who, besides outlining the main 2019 trends to expect, also highlights the need for what she calls “preemptive SEO”. The logic goes that if you want to stay competitive, then you should be creative. With the most expected SEO trends outlined on different websites, everyone will be targeting in similar ways, thus creating stiff competition. If you come up with a creative and long-standing strategy for years to come, you will stand out and the customers will respect you.

6. Five Buzzworthy SEO Trends for 2019 — Marketing Profs

Aleh Barysevich puts much stress on the page speed as one of the most important trends for the upcoming year in SEO sphere. It may be that Amazon thinking fast and slow happens on different devices and networks from time to time; however, the website owner must think how to make the loading speed optimal under any circumstance, ideally even on a poor 3G mobile network. According to many sources, mobile use is only expected to increase, and Aleh Barysevich argues that website loading speed is exactly that factor which determines whether the visitor will stay or leave, within the timeframe of milliseconds.

7. SEO Trends for 2019 — The Ad Leaf

The Ad Leaf, similar to Aamina Suleman from Think Design, considers keywords the strategy of the past. As a matter of fact, it’s expected that what will be in search of 2019 will be studied more by artificial intelligence (AI). AI is expected to start learning behaviors and locations of internet users because with increasing security online, this is not possible anymore with the help of old tools.

8. SEO Strategies and Trends that Will Be Big in 2019 — SEO hacker

Of course, it’s easy in 2018 to learn how to search within a website with the help of context search chrome or in-built website search features. However, in reality, AI can do much more. It can actually interact with website visitors and study them. And the article at hand stresses the importance of being social and going live with your audience. The scope of how much more customer interaction could happen in the upcoming years simply with the help of AI is hard to estimate, but it will definitely drive exponential conversions growth!

9. 5 SEO Trends that Will Matter Most in 2019 — Search Engine Land

Would you like to learn how to check Google search trends and capitalize on Amazon search as well? Check out this guide from the Search Engine Land — it offers comprehensive steps to using Google AdWords, keyword tracking, mobile bots, SEO monitoring tools, Amazon search, and even capitalizing on the limitations brought about by the new GDPR regulations — all in one article. Learning how does Amazon protection plan work will only become more important in 2019.

10. SEO Trends in 2019: The Year in Search Engine Marketing — Outer Box

Justin from the Outer Box Design stresses a few trends which are considered to be the most influential in 2019: voice search, killer content, media mentions, ranking, and featuring in Google. However, the most important takeaway from his research is the increasing value of latent semantic indexing (LSI) and various supporting terms, as opposed to stuffing your content with as many keywords as possible.

All in all, knowing how do search engines work will help any industry player gain better results and promote an offering more effectively. More specifically, the most expected SEO trends next year will include but are not limited to:

  • Featured snippets in Google;
  • Google will make more use of structured data;
  • Viewing SEO marketing from the standpoint of user experience;
  • More mobile use among the website viewers;
  • High-quality text to remain relevant;
  • Voice-controlled search to gain more popularity;
  • Backlinking will provide more authority;
  • More popularity of the visual search;
  • Machine learning.
SEO Trends 2019

Combining all these trends and capitalizing on them in 2019 is equal to understanding what is SEO and how it works. However, the main takeaway from 2018 is this: be awesome, create killer content, understand your audience, and be honest.



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