The Role of Technology in Academic Essay Writing

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When you are looking for a writing company to buy custom essays online, try to be very attentive because cooperation with a reliable service and tech-savvy professional writers will help you become a successful student. Read our article to learn about the role of technology in the educational process.

Essay writing is one of the integral aspects of the academic field. This process enables students to showcase their progress. Essay writing is used in many areas of human life, including literature, sociology, politics, and many others. For example, it is impossible to create an engaging speech without having good essay writing skills. Although many writing companies offer their services so that you could buy custom essays online, students are still struggling with their assignments. Nevertheless, maintaining a successful academic performance is impossible without submitting high-quality essays.

Essay Writing Has Never Been Easy

Over time, the technologies invented by people have changed the writing process. The present-day rules and patterns of essay writing are different from the ones used by ancient Jewish or Greek scholars. Gradually, the definition of writing became vaguer. When writing was invented, people didn’t know about pens, pencils, or computers. In its essence, writing is an instrument that is changing and adapting to meet the needs of people.

Writing remains one of the most efficient forms of visual communication. Yet, it has been changed as a result of technological advancements. Now, to write some text, one doesn’t need to have a pen and paper. It is easier to type the text in Microsoft Word or any other program.

Nowadays, essays have become much more specific and categorized. In the contemporary academic environment, there are many essay types, and each of these types has specific peculiarities. Students work on narrative, argumentative, process, personal, descriptive, and many other essay types. An essay requires looking deeper into the subject, investigating it from different perspectives, as well as presenting the findings in a clear and concise manner. A good essay always has a form of a composition, which includes an engaging introductory paragraph, a detailed main body, and a strong conclusion. To succeed at writing essays, you should familiarize yourself with the characteristic features of this task. Besides, you should know the history because it will help improve your writing competence.

How and Why Does Writing Change Over Time?

  • Creativity. Some people are gifted with artistic imagination. Thus, creativity has shaped human written heritage.
  • Human ergonomics. The Roman cursive script has evolved over several centuries from written capital letters. In some cases, writing can become less functional, which is caused by the path of life. Nowadays, people think more quickly, which affects their writing.
  • Writing technologies. Over the last decades, there have been a lot of significant changes in the means used for writing.

Professionals from different fields work on the improvement of writing techniques. This is how we got various writing formats such as APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, and many others. Although each of these formats has specific peculiarities, all of them aim to ease the reading process. By giving a standardized form to any text, one will make it look better. Although some rules and patterns may seem confusing, they offer myriads of options that help contemporary students write good essays.

Effects of Technology on Writing

It is impossible to deny the close relationship between technology and writing. Technology has a great impact on human lives nowadays. Thus, it also defines how students write their essays. Although electronic devices are very helpful, they also define how people think and solve various problems. Technology has provided writers with an efficient toolbox allowing them to deal with various writing tasks without any problems. At the same time, new opportunities may lead to problems, such as plagiarism. Instead of presenting original ideas in their papers students prefer to copy-paste the texts written by others. Copying the works of other people without mentioning their authorship is a violation of the academic writing rules. At the same time, plagiarism-checkers allow noticing the smallest plagiarism instances. In this regard, technology has both positive and negative effects on writing.

How Technology Has Changed Essay Writing?

Over time, many types of writing have evolved. The way people express their ideas today is different from how they did it many years ago. Yet, even with access to text editors, some students create poorly written papers because they commit silly mistakes, which compromise the quality of their works. What is the reason for such a tendency? Well, some things never change. To write a good essay, one should pay close attention to its structure, content, and format. Some students ignore the rules of academic writing, while others just have no time to spend on essay writing.

Nevertheless, the importance of technology in the present-day educational process cannot be underestimated. One should not forget that essay writing is impossible without thorough research, and technology has made it easier. Previously, students had to spend much time at the libraries reading the volumes of books and encyclopedias. Now, the necessary information can be found in a few clicks. Nowadays, technology advances faster than it used to several years ago. Consequently, it affects many aspects of human life including education, work, communication, traveling, etc.

Education has fundamentally changed as a result of technology growth. Now, students use planners, dictionaries, applications, and other resources online to get information and improve their writing strategies. Also, they take advantage of using video tutorials, plagiarism-detection software, etc. Taking this into account, one may conclude that getting an education with the help of cutting-edge technology is more effective.

Students Should Know How to Use Technology

Negative Effects of Technology

  • Short forms of writing. Nowadays, texts become more informal and shorter in length. Having access to various technological advances, writers prefer using short forms to complete their works. Thus, the quality of academic texts has reduced because of the short forms used.
  • Writers depend on digital tools. Nowadays, writers become more reliant on technology because it simplifies their work. In some cases, instead of studying the complicated concepts, writers use the software that can do the work instead of them.
  • Plagiarism. Currently, many writers fail to submit 100% authentic papers because they find it easier to copy-paste the works of other people. It affects both their writing skills and their academic performance.

Positive Effects of Technology

Despite the obvious shortcomings, technology also has many positive effects.

  • It improves writers’ research skills. The Internet is the largest source where writers can find information on any topic.
  • It accelerates thorough editing. It has never been easy to edit an academic paper. Yet, by using sophisticated proofreading tools, one may ease this process.
  • It saves time. Technology speeds up the essay writing process and saves students’ time. This time can be spent on many other fascinating activates.
  • It helps get immediate feedback. It is difficult to learn from mistakes without having a clear understanding of what is wrong with the paper. With the help of technology, professors can share their feedback with the students. By communicating with the tutor during the essay writing process, you will increase your chances of getting a good grade.
  • It facilitates checking spelling errors. Modern technology has eased the automation of checking grammatical errors. You don’t need to check on grammatical errors in your papers manually because there are many applications that make this process easier. Even Microsoft Word has this function. You need to press the spellcheck tab, and the software will show incorrectly spelled words;
  • It has made group projects possible. Some projects are too difficult to complete for one person; thus, professors assign them to groups of students. When a student handles only one part of a project, it is easy to check the group work. Besides, technology has made effective communication between group members possible.


The modern world requires taking fast and accurate solutions. In the present-day academic world, students are supposed to complete various projects. No matter what course you are taking, management, accounting, anatomy, nursing, or arts, you need to submit papers of premium quality. All essay assignments aim to showcase your analytical, research, and writing skills.

With the discovery of new knowledge and technologies, essay writing requires multitasking, in-depth research, careful planning, as well as proper organization of ideas.

One cannot deny the fact that the education system is undergoing a revolution, and those students who want to succeed should adapt to it.

In our article, we have discovered the major influences of technology on the educational process. Technology has both advantages and disadvantages, which should be familiar to all students who want to succeed in their educational institutions.

The most common disadvantages of technology use in the educational process are chances of incurring plagiarism, shorter attention, cyber threats, etc.

Students may take advantage of using spellcheck software, citation generators, vocabulary boosters, as well as other instruments to increase their creativity, enhance their communication with peers, and improve their thoughtfulness. At the same time, they should understand that although programs can help them during the writing process, they still should apply considerable efforts to create great papers. To put good grades, professors want to see fresh ideas, thorough work, and unique vision. Finally, with the help of technology, one may carry out their research and get accurate and up-to-date data.

All in all, students can definitely boost their students writing skills with the right technology. You can become a successful student by following the latest conventions of academic writing. Good luck!

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