What Is “Academic Weapon”? TikTok Trend Origin and Spead

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“Academic weapon” is a perfect way to call someone a great student. This term became popular as an internet slang term in the 2010s, if you still remember those. This slang expression is hard to track down, but there are tweets available with this term from the end of 2013. The Urban Dictionary first defined the term in the year 2016. The Urban Dictionary defines an academic weapon as an “individual (typically a student) that acquires traits that are seen by many as scholarly.”

🎓 Origin of the “Academic Weapon” Trend

This term was brought back to life in 2022 by a TikTok blogger and influencer — Bradley Kraut. He is a student at Penn State University and makes videos from his student and personal life. Bradley started using the academic weapon term on some of them, and his videos became viral. We know it can be impossible to keep up with all the TikTok trends, and you still want to stay tuned. Soooo, our expert team found a way to keep you aware of the #academicweapons trend.

Check out the very first video created by @name_is_brad A.K.A. Bradley Kraut. In this film, he asked 2 other students, Maddie and Maddie, if they are academic weapons and this film raised over 79K views in less than a month! That is definitely amazing.

@name_is_brad Academic weapons #viral #fyp #trending ♬ original sound — Bradley kraut

In his next video, @name_is_brad is at Starbucks and lets his subscribers know how he is trying to be an academic weapon by studying with another student.

@name_is_brad Gotta get it done #ChewTheVibes #viral #fyp #trending ♬ original sound — Bradley kraut

On September 13th, Brad made a video in the front row of a lecture with 700 people, which became viral. His words from the film actually became viral. He said: “Absolute. Academic. Weapon. Academic Weapon!” The video has got more than 7.5 million views. After that film, the sound was used for more than 23 thousand videos on TikTok!

@name_is_brad This is great stuff #ChewTheVibes #viral #fyp #academicweapon ♬ original sound — Bradley kraut

Bradley also has a video of him stating, “Academic lethal weapon.” He walks all the way down to the front row. Amazingly, no one is worried as a person walking down the aisle says “weapon,” and it got 865K likes. Check it out. Would you be surprised by such an entrance?

@name_is_brad Academic weapon. #kickthesheets #academicweapon #trending ♬ original sound — Bradley kraut

🤔 How was the “academic weapon” trend spread?

After the sound from the video became viral, students started making videos with their learning life hacks. Students are becoming academic weapons, indeed, using these helpful hints. The following video shows little flashcards but not in a common way. Anna uses them as notebooks to revise the learned material.

@.annalogy these flashcard notebooks are tiny and that means I love them so much more #foryou #fypシ #academicweapon #adhd #adhdstudent #adhdstudytips #studytok #studywithme #university #flashcards #midtermexams #adhdproductivity ♬ original sound — Bradley kraut

Students went further and started posting their videos using the viral sound created by Brad but with an ironic twist. A TikTok user @Grins64 posts his video with an “Academic Weapon” sound and states his homework took 4 hours instead of 30 minutes. It feels like a joke with a touch of irony, but we have all been there. Sometimes it just does not go the way you expect, and you cannot complete an easy task because you feel tired and distracted.

@grins64 #academicweapon #fyp ♬ original sound — Bradley kraut

Here is another video to check out, where a student, Gaby, puts an arrow at the end of the end to show where the information continues. I mean, we are sure a professor appreciated this hint. See it for yourself.

@gabrielasaraiii #academicweapon ♬ original sound — Bradley kraut

We have found a video of a student in the library drinking coffee, a latte to be precise, stating she deserves it after getting to the library, and she is absolutely right. Everyone deserves a little reward for some of our day-to-day activities. This way, they stay fun.

@thatgirlatfiu I made it #college #collegelife #universitystudent #floridainternationaluniversity ♬ original sound — Bradley kraut

And, of course, there’s a video of a tip on how to stay right on your test if you’re not sure. Do you doubt that? Just check for yourself, and you’ll see we are right.
An accent hint to beat all the odds

@sabrinan_29absolute academic weapon♬ original sound — Bradley kraut

❓ Is the “academic weapon” trend useful?

These videos might all seem ironic, but they just pulled up the curtains to show us students’ life and see or remember the challenges they face. This trend helps students to stay on track and use useful hints and tips to improve the way they learn and ways to stay an impressive student and become “academic weapon” itself.

Urban Dictionary Definition Students are becoming “academic weapons” — what does that mean? Academic Weapon. Part of a series on Internet Slang What is an “Academic Weapon”?

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